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Our radio stations would not exist without the support of its dedicated volunteers. To date many of the duties associated with developing the station have ranged from coordinating volunteers, running the studio and radio desk, fundraising, editing, program making and web-design. Training can be provided in all fields, and we have well-established systems, so please don’t feel daunted if you are a complete beginner!

Every year we recruit students from all departments and degree levels to work in the operation of our dynamic online radio station. Whether you are interested in the day-to-day operations of a radio station, audio editing, communications, graphic design, broadcast journalism or production there are many opportunities available at Accra Soundz for you to pursue your passion. Not only will you gain relevant experience, but you will be contributing to the overall goal of providing relevant education and musical programming to our many listeners worldwide!


Music Programme Editor

Speech Programme Editor

Live Studio Assistant

Audio Editor

Audio Producers

Office Manager

Communications Officer

Events Coordinator

Graphic Design

Website Editor


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