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With years of experience, we know how bold it is to put this out there, understanding that event management is a major industry. Whether it's a  wedding or a multi-national conference to a music concert, This is our promise to you;

Understanding objectives – what is the purpose of the event? What experience do we want people to have? Planning an event is impossible without clear objectives.

Establishing timelines – determining what has to happen and when. Any large event involves complex time management, scheduling and coordination of other people’s activity – such as catering, digital and technological set up and venue preparation.

Selecting a venue – selecting a venue may seem simple but the importance of finding the right venue should not be underestimated. This involves research, contract and cost negotiation and building working relationships.

Sourcing and managing suppliers – every event involves a range of suppliers. From caterers to lighting, diverse suppliers need contacting, short-listing, negotiating costs with and finalizing contracts. From there, efficient management of all suppliers, ensuring they fulfil their roles on time and within budget, is essential to the success of the event. Which we have all in one place!

Managing budgets – probably second only to having clear objectives comes effective budget management. Delivering a great event is easy with unlimited funds, but great management is required to produce an event within a constrained budget.

Marketing and communication – it’s never a case of if you build it they will come: delivering an audience requires marketing the promise of what the event will deliver! Today this involves various channels across direct mail, social media and digital marketing.

Managing risk – events are complex, as having many elements contributing to an event means multiple possible points of failure. Understanding what the risks are, the likelihood of each one arising, strategies to minimize risk and developing a robust contingency plan in the event of problems is a non-negotiable task in event management.

Thinking sustainably – making decisions in the event planning process that consider the social and environmental impact.

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